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Spring Décor Ideas

Hello to colorful flowers and warmer days! If you’re looking for unique and beautiful spring design ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a post round-up of gorgeous decor for every style. Whether you’re hoping to find a fun centerpiece or an inviting entryway for your home, there is something here for you. As you browse this collection, you will find that integrating beautiful floral displays and natural elements into your home decor can truly bring that feeling of spring indoors.

Perhaps your living room is in need of a little flair or your front stoop is looking a bit empty. So grab your coffee, dream of warmer days, and take a look at these amazing spring decor ideas. You’re bound to find some inspiration for your own home!


1. Add Some Color with a Grassy Centerpiece

While color trends change from one year to the next, living greens are always in fashion. Add some tranquility to your dinner parties by making a grassy display in a repurposed drawer your centerpiece. You can even add more functionality to this accent by using edible greens like wheatgrass or lemongrass.


2. Fill a Vase with Beautiful Floral Branches

Gone are the days of dull faux floral arrangements. This simple arrangement offers a small pop of color and big volume but is surprisingly easy to pull off. All you need is a vessel with character – like this old-fashioned glass jug – and several tall, brightly-colored floral sprigs or flowering branches.


3. Hanging Mason Jars Filled with Flowers

Can’t get enough of the mason jar craze? Here’s another clever way to incorporate canning jars into your décor. Wrought iron coat hooks are attached to distressed boards to provide a farm fresh backdrop for hanging mason jar posies. They’re a throwback to the popular turn-of-the-century fairy lamps but with a cool, country twist.


4. Festive Floral and Burlap Monogram Wreath

This gorgeous monogrammed door wreath is more chic than shabby but incorporates many rustic elements that help it fit into a wide variety of design themes. A grapevine wreath makes a timeless base. Vibrant tulips draw the eye while classic burlap adds a homey touch. An elegantly scrolled initial provides an understated way to personalize this piece.


5. Arrange Feminine Florals on Antique Trunks

Combining hard and soft textures has long been a staple of the fashion world. This clever arrangement is the perfect way to bring curated contrasts into your home. Delicate flowers like miniature roses and baby’s breath are surprisingly well-suited for display in antique crates and trunks. It’s a great way to add more depth to your country wedding décor.


6. Rustic Mason Jar String Art Floral Display

String art is making a comeback in surprising ways. Recognizable silhouettes of old homestead staples like mason jars are replacing brightly-colored geometric designs. All this project requires is barn wood, string, nails, and your choice of flowers. Soften up the finished product with a handful of breathy, blush-colored peonies or roses.


7. Create a Watering Can Spring Decoration

Pour yourself into your spring decorating efforts with this sweet old door hanger. Give that rusty old watering can a new job by filling it with flowers. A cluster of eggs also makes it suitable for Easter display. A gauzy ribbon finishes the arrangement and can be replaced with any color that suits your style or mood.


8. Bring Colorful Potted Plants Indoors

Play up your favorite piece of primitive furniture by topping it with a trio of galvanized planters. This fantastic milk paint table makes the perfect display for flowering thistles. Best of all, you can mix and match pots and buckets to create a truly one-of-a-kind assemblage. Add more complementary pieces under the table, or seek out small pots to tuck in between.


9. A Tiered Stand Makes a Cheerful Display

Tiered stands are everywhere these days, and with good reason. Whether yours is made of wire mesh or steel wash pans, it creates a versatile foundation for displaying a wide array of seasonal knick-knacks. Combine all your country favorites in one place without looking cluttered. This stand mixes Ball jars, pottery birds, and floral clusters easily and attractively.


10. Create a Colorful Display with Pom-Pom Branches

Make your own spring-inspired pussy willow branches with twigs and multi-colored pom-poms. They’re perfect for a growing girl’s room, or for a grown-up girl that still likes a little whimsy. Display your bouquet in a clear glass pillar to show off a couple extra pops of color and draw the eye up slowly for the full effect.