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Boho Chic Interiors – Get the Look

Boho chic styling is taking our interiors by storm this year, and we’re honestly a little bit obsessed. A boho interior is instantly recognisable – they’re always full of exciting patterns, rich colours, and present an interesting mix of style influences from different time periods and different parts of the world. Learn how to get this on-trend look in your own home with our top styling tips!
What is boho chic?
The bohemian style takes influence from free spirits, whose pursuits often include art, music, culture, and spirituality, and who have few permanent ties to a particular place. This nomadic ideal, in particular, can be seen in the eclectic mixture of style elements – from vintage and modern to Middle Eastern-inspired – you will often find in a boho interior.
Boho interiors aren’t about order and tidiness and following the rules. They’re about mixing, not matching, and they’re going to be totally unique to you. Show off your dusty book collection, hang a Kilim rug from the walls, fill your space with succulents, hold onto that worn leather couch for a few more years.
While there aren’t really any set rules to follow in order to master this interior style, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started.
Start with a plain canvas
Whether you’re working in the living room, the bedroom, or the dining room, you should always begin with a plain backdrop. White or wooden furniture (like dressers, sideboards, and tables), neutral-toned sofas, and crisp white or soft grey bed linen all provide excellent bases for a boho-chic interior.
They don’t have to be totally neutral colours – you can use soft blue, warm brown, and other colours, as long as it’s understated. Boho-chic interiors are all about letting your knick-knacks and accessories tell your story, so you don’t want your furniture to take away the focus.
Mix (don’t match) your cushions
Cushions offer an easy and relatively inexpensive way to work the boho-chic style into your interiors. Start with a neutral sofa or armchair – maybe in a grey or beige tone, or tan-coloured leather. Then create excitement by adding cushions in all sorts of patterns, textures, and colours.
You probably only need one statement cushion for an armchair or occasional chair, but for a sofa you can add as many cushions as you like – we think three to five is a great number! And don’t worry about matching colours and patterns. The more you use and the greater difference there is, the better!
Put all your junk on display
Got some old photographs? Put ’em out. Got an acoustic guitar you can’t even remember how to play? Put it out. Picked up some cute antiques at a market? Put them out. Got stacks and stacks of books you’ll probably never read again? Good. Pile them up and put them out. In a boho chic interior, it’s not clutter. It’s décor.
Go mad with macramé
When channelling the boho look, you just can’t go wrong with macramé. In fact, if you were to list the top 5 features of boho interiors, guaranteed macramé would appear in everyone’s list.
These intricate knots can be found in so many different forms, from wall hangings to cushions, ottomans, and even handbags. There’s definitely no shortage of macramé out there, and it’s one of the easiest ways to give your space that carefree, laidback vibe that the boho style is known for.
Enrich your space with rich textures
Pack your space with all sorts of different textures (along with the macramé!). We’re talking everything from smooth wooden surfaces, to tassels and fringing on cushions and rugs, to natural fibre baskets, to soft leather seats and ottomans.
Having a mix of different textures can give your space a rich, cosy, and also a bit of a chaotic feel, which is all totally in line with the boho chic aesthetic.
Remember the rug!
No bohemian or boho chic interior would be complete without a rug … or two … or five! Opt for flatwoven rugs with eye-catching patterns. Traditional Kilim rugs and Persian rugs work perfectly, as do tribal-inspired designs. They don’t have to be bold colours, but warm reds and browns are always a good choice. Neutrals work well too, particularly if you’ve got dark wooden floors.
And we’re serious about the five rugs. If you have ample open floor space, why not experiment with rugs of different shapes, sizes, and patterns?